With our Size and Condition Guide, finding the right container for your needs has never been easier.

Certified Containers are secure, weatherproof and mobile. Steel Containers provide the perfect solution for virtually any storage, office, or home building project! Rely on us to provide you a quality product, quick, and safe delivery.

10 Foot Container

  • 582 cu.ft.
  • 10′ L x 8.5′ H x 8.5′ W

The 10ft Container provides 582 cu. ft. of space. Do you have a small home or limited space? These units can fit into tighter places making them the most versatile solution available!

  • Available only in refurbished condition.

20 Foot Container

  • 1165 cu. ft.
  • 20′ L x 8.5′ H x 8.5′ W

The 20ft Container storage will bring you 1165 cu. ft. of space. These units are the perfect compromise between storage space, versatility, and cost!

  • Available in all condition categories.


  • 2350 cu. ft.
  • 40′ L x 8.5′ H x 8.5′ W

The 40ft Container is the most popular size, it brings you 2350 cu. ft. of space. Be sure you have enough room to accommodate a container this large and accept delivery. To accommodate delivery of a 40ft container you will require approximately twice that amount of space.

  • Available in all condition categories.


  • 2694 cu. ft.
  • 40′ L x 9.5′ H x 8.5′ W

The 40ft High Cube containers are 1 Foot Taller than the standard 8’6″ height. The additional height will increase the cargo capacity of the container approximately 12%, bringing the cubic capacity of the 40ft high cube container to a total of 2,694 cu. ft. Be sure you have enough room to accommodate a container this large. Please note that the cargo door openings require a bit more space due to the additional height.

  • Available in all condition categories.


  • 3043 cu. ft.
  • 45′ L x 9.5′ H x 8.5′ W

The 45ft High Cube container is 9’6″ tall and brings you a whopping 3,043 cu. ft. of safe and secure space. The additional length makes these units a favorite for our clients who modify containers into permanent housing.

  • Available in all condition categories.


Containers come in four classifications. They are as follows; New/One Trip, Cargo Worthy, Wind & Water Tight, and As-Is. Many companies are sell­ing “A, B & C” grade containers. These are NOT industry standards. They are classifications created by companies rating their own inventory. A container with an “A” grade may not be the same quality as an “A” graded unit being sold by another company. Please take some time to review the grades and their definitions.

New or “One Trip”

These containers have made a single voyage from their point of origin carrying cargo. Once the container reaches its destination, they become available for sale. These units are nearly new. They are generally 33%-50% the cost of a new unit manufactured in the U.S. Most one trip containers can also be custom ordered to your color or specifications. They make great options for high-end custom modification projects or storage situations that require a near perfect appearance.

Cargo Worthy or CW

Cargo Worthy or CW containers are structurally solid. Their structure has been assessed by a certified container surveyor. This assures that the container meets with all the standards outlined by its original specifications. These units come with a certificate which permits this container to be transported on a container ship. Please note, this certificate is REQUIRED for ocean transport. These units are generally in superior condition when compared to Wind and Watertight (WWT) containers, this is mostly due to their younger age.

Wind & Watertight or WWT

Wind and Watertight (WWT) containers are guaranteed to be weather resistant and to have minimal levels of damage. They may require minimal repair costs as they are likely to have dents and rust, however there are no leaks or holes in these containers that would adversely affect their weatherproofing or structure. These units also have fully operational doors, their seals are intact. WWT containers can be upwards of 15 years in age, however they will pass inspection and receive the WWT seal of approval.

“As Is”

This is the lowest grade of containers. It is common place for companies sell these units to the public as a “special offer” to attract consumers with a very low price. There are no guarantees as to their weather resistance or structural integrity. Please beware that these units may, or may not have damage, it is in your best interest to thoroughly inspect them prior to purchase. Typically Certified Container Yard does not distribute these type of containers, however from time to time we have a few available, please inquire for more information.